Stephanie Greene

Stephanie Greene


I’m Stephanie – Sweet mom of two little kids. After work or when not struggling with two angles, I find myself reading, writing, cooking, or traveling with my husband or friends.

Welcome to my first blog page ^ ^

I came up with this blogging idea all of sudden while surfing around several posts for mommies. What I read was just so interesting that I wanted to share something in return. 

And, it ended up with this “Gud2Know” where I put down every piece of my daily life (sometimes of other inspiring people) from tips to make life easier to children care practices.

Hope it is helpful and enjoyable for you guys!

I Share to Be Shared!

Lifehacks - Gud2Know

There is a bunch of ways to complete a thing, but you should learn the fastest and effective one.

When I share a lifehack, I literally mean it to simplify your life.

Not only are lifehacks time-saving, but they are also way-fun. Sometimes you are just too surprised “Seriously, can we?”

Yes, let’s hack the life!

Gud2know lifehack tips
money saving tips

Seem like we all have problems with money management ’cause what we want is often more than what we have.

As a handful momy of two kids and an accountant, I am really serious about financial plans to control spending and save consistently.

You should be, also!

Helpfully, I have some simple and effective tips to share with you.

Healthy Life

Since having kids, my husband and I try to live much more healthily so that we can take better care for our angles.

And know what?

Following healthy habits is not as time-consuming and difficult as we thought.

You just need to change little things, steps by steps, and your life will be improved significantly.

live healthily
child care

Children Care

As a parent, your number-one task is to look after your children and raise them to be good and healthy kids.

To be honest, I always find myself a handful with kids to make sure they eat well, play well, and study well.

Thank goodness, there are several useful tips to make this work less stressful and help you become fantastic parents.

I Share to Be Shared!